KDS offers Engineering and Design services in a variety of industries such as; Manufacturing, Construction, Industrial, Commercial, Semiconductor, High Tech, Cleanroom, Architecture, Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Mining, Hospitality, and Energy. With a focus on efficiency, KDS brings cost saving solutions without sacrificing quality and mobility to any of a projects need. The primary objective is to ensure all teams on a project are successful. By utilizing clear communication, an honest commitment to quality and attention to detail while maintaining the highest standards with innovative technology, KDS will exceed all Engineering and Design requirements.


Engineering & Design

KDS team possesses experience in Architectural, Structural, MEP, Life Safety Systems, and Instrumentation and Controls that offers our clients inception to implementation engineering and design solutions. We provide a wide array of services ranging from basic one line isometrics to complete systems designs. KDS also provides comprehensive tool install engineering and designs, supporting clients across the globe.



Using the latest software for Building Information Modeling (BIM), KDS provides its clients with state of the art innovative 3D modeling and design solutions. KDS can execute turnkey Virtual Design Construction (VDC) projects for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and semiconductor construction. KDS specializes in Architectural, MEP, and Structural  which helps clients meet schedule, costs, and quality for project milestones.


  Project   Management

Projects of every type and scale have challenges which vary from project staffing to project execution. KDS has implementation ready solutions to handle simple or complex projects utilizing a team of professionals to help achieve your goals.


            Reality             Capture

Reality Capture has a wide variety of applications throughout the entire construction process that can reduce trips to the field, redundant work, increase accuracy, and provide confidence and peace of mind knowing the data is accurate and percise. 


database management

Database management has the overall responsibility to ensure performance, integrity and security of databases. Properly organized databases and data entry ensure quality and accuracy for regular operations.

KDS proudly supports our clients with their Engineering, Design, and BIM needs. Some of our clients include: