Laser scanning

Laser scanning is used to capture exisiting conditions and produce an intelligent point cloud. The point cloud gives owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and trades the ability to work with existing conditions to ensure the designs and models integrate with existing construction and reduce changes.

Added Value from Laser Scanning:

  • Accurate Data Capture within ±2mm
  • Reduced Project Cycle Times
  • Quick Data Capture
  • Engaged Collaboration
  • Compare Design and Install

Cost Savings from Laser Scanning:

  • Cheaper than Pulling Tape
  • Reduce Site Visits
  • Accurate and Complete As-builts
  • Reduced Facility Downtime
  • Reusable Data
  • Ensures Everything in LOS is Captured


From office spaces to manufacturing facilities, KDS understands the importance of accurate data. With the ability to be responsive and flexible availability KDS can provide efficient and effective laser scans that can be used to make any project of all complexities successful. 


KDS prides itself on adapting and implementing innovated technologies. By utilizing new equipment and training in photogrammetry KDS can offer this service to a variety of individuals throughout the construction process. While this technology is still developing, accuracy is not at the same level as laser scanning. Depending on the scope of work and the need, the cost savings between laser scanning and photogrammetry can really help clients get the results they need.